MetroWired excels at building a robust network infrastructure that supports a variety of customer applications in any mission critical environment.

Our service offerings span the entire end to end lifecycle of the solution including Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Managing and Assessment.

We think about the potential of your network constantly, searching for ways to enhance your efficiencies. IP networks and networking is a powerful point of differentiation for your business functioning and our solutions are adjustable to adapt to the changing business landscape.

We are able to provide advanced solutions in all three networking categories:

With more than a decade of experience, MetroWired is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools and processes to effectively manage your network infrastructure, support key applications, and champion the end user support experience. MetroWired provides following solutions in this category:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless LAN
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  • Wide Area Networking solutions

MetroWired excels at WAN optimisation solutions for accelerated delivery of all applications across the hybrid enterprise.

Supported by strong service level agreements, MetroWired partnered with WAN service providers to offer Managed WAN range from simple monitoring and reporting to complete outsourcing of your corporate network and data centre – so you can concentrate on growing your business rather than day-to-day network operations.

  • Managed WAN services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive.
  • Proactive monitoring and notification services isolate network faults and recommend corrective actions.
  • Physical management services clear physical issues with access and/or transport.
  • Full management services provide life-cycle monitoring, management, and repair for your entire network.

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, MetroWired Network Integration Services ensures your network’s ability to provide the level of availability and performance your business requires.

  • Tailor your network design to respond to changing business requirements.
  • Implement complex network upgrades, refresh, expand and consolidate.
    Improve network availability and performance.
  • Manage costs.
  • Simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules.
  • Reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network.
  • Improve service delivery and control the cost of network monitoring and management.

Communication hurdles seriously impact employee productivity and is too often the difference between success and failure in today’s businesses. You are more agile you’re your employees can find the right people with the right information at the right time. The right platform to manage your communications makes all the difference in organisational productivity when to changing business environments.

CXOs seek Enterprise communication solutions that are known and are widely adopted. Our unified communications solution integrates communication tools on multiple platforms such as voice, video, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging, and mobility into one system, allowing businesses to easily manage all forms of communication. It allows users the convenience and choice of contact method with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our solutions below can also be integrated to modify your existing digital investment:

  • Pure voice enterprise solutions
  • Enterprise Grade Unified Communication Platform with high availability
  • Unified Communications Solutions and Collaboration
  • Contact Center Solutions – Inbound, Outbound, Blended call centre solutions
  • Voice Applications – Call Accounting, Call Logging, IVRS etc.
  • Audio-Video Conferencing / Bridge
    Enterprise Communication solutions for distance Learning Solutions


Why choose MetroWired’s communication options?

Our range of offerings and digital expertise are unparalleled in the industry today. MetroWired’s Unified communication enables enterprises to:

  • Collaborate better, with richer, more connected unified communication and collaboration via telephone, smartphone, video, Instant Messaging, email.
  • Overlay services on an existing communication infrastructure irrespective of your team size
  • Adopt the best suited model as per your business needs: on-Premises, cloud, or hybrid-based
  • Hold business calls and enterprise instant messaging sessions anywhere with our Unified Communication and collaboration platform.
  • Unified communication and collaboration enable holding richer remote meetings with voice, screen sharing and video
  • Get an at-a-glance view of voice messages, missed calls and instant messages in a single application.
  • Integrate enterprise solutions into business processes to achieve advanced unified communication and collaboration.

The world, currently under threat of terrorism and economic disparity, has led to grave security concerns. Protection of people, assets, and infrastructure has thus become a growing concern. Because of this, CCTV surveillance systems are becoming almost a mandatory security feature in regular establishments such as businesses, schools and homes. Although this is a staple feature in public places, very few have the new generation systems required to meet the current need. With the ever-changing technology, the uses and possibilities are endless. Installing the best modern video surveillance solutions means a no-compromise approach to safety.

Advanced offerings from MetroWired

MetroWired brings you the best, most comprehensive security & surveillance solutions which offers CCTV surveillance solutions that allow proactive and reactive measures, avoiding unwanted events.

  • Management over multiple devices
  • Analytics
  • Access control
  • Intrusion alarms functionalities

The objective of infrastructure surveillance is to provide continuous and comprehensive monitoring of infrastructure and facilities. This provides enhanced protection against theft, misappropriation, and misuse of assets, enhanced protection against wilful damage, sabotage, and other attack on facilities.

Advanced offerings from MetroWired

MetroWired offers wide range of Security & CCTV Surveillance solutions which are customisable for all indoor, outdoor and perimeter protection requirements. A variety of devices, access control and video surveillance systems are available to suit budgetary and other operational conditions. Our products are meticulous in its quality, and include unique features for better performance and results under different conditions.

In recent years, urban public security and traffic management has become more important due to increasing crime, threats, terrorism and increased road safety concerns. Cities have begun placing their efforts in deploying centralised CCTV surveillance management system covering roads, public places, institutions, and government offices, even dividing entire city paramenters into different zones and sub-zones to increase local monitoring systems. With our integrated approach, city CCTV surveillance system works effectively to enhance comprehensive management of traffic, public security analytics software, improve response time and capacity, reduce vandalism costs and reduce investigation efforts. We have the ability to aid your response to emergencies such as accidents, natural disasters, and terrorist activities promptly yet systematically. Video surveillance solution technologies are used for a wide range of purposes other than its roots in crime detection.

Advanced offerings from MetroWired

MetroWired offers comprehensive City CCTV Surveillance Solutions with its wide range of IP Cameras, Specialised Cameras such as Number Plate Recognition Cameras, Network Video Recorders and Analytics Software, integrating with wired or wireless wide area network, professional displays and alert systems.

In current day challenging businesses, reducing cost and minimising service outage are fundamental to organisation’s competitiveness. High availability solutions and Server Consolidation in a heterogeneous IT environment help organisations meet these challenges by achieving committed Service Levels and the desired Quality of Service.

MetroWired offers the following solutions in this category:

MetroWired offers turnkey datacentre services inclusive of all your cloud computing needs:

  • Design consulting
  • Programme management
  • Build, populate and transfer of knowledge

With several large Data Centre projects undertaken in various industry verticals, and with our own Managed Data Centre Operations, we are well placed to provide superior Data Centre services to our customers.

Our Cloud infrastructure services portfolio is ready for all your enterprise IT demands. The cloud platform is built on enterprise grade technology that is affordable and easy to deploy within your enterprise business alignment. We enable you to pinpoint any gaps that exist between the current ‘as is’ state and the desired ‘to be’ state. Next, we set out a preliminary cloud roadmap that identifies key next steps, based on your requirements. MetroWired boasts an especially wide range of infrastructure services including:

  • Cloud computing solutions for servers
  • Networks
  • Storage
  • Applications to strategic cloud deployments for your disaster recovery

Our Cloud Readiness Workshop will assist you in shaping your organisation’s vision for cloud and prioritising a set of actions and is also available as a stand-alone service as a stand-alone service.

Employees today choose their own working style. They add smartphones, tablets and other devices and have an expectation that these connect with their existing digital environments to get the job done. For most organisations, desktop computing is evolving to end-user based client computing.

We have arrived at the start of the client computing evolution – MetroWired understands where it came from and how it is developed. We take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new client computing environment, offering you support in:

  • Strategy, Architecture and Deployment
  • Application Management
  • Device Policy
  • Identity Management
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Procurement
  • End User Support

MetroWired Virtualisation service is aimed at helping you create service-oriented infrastructures through decoupling your application from infrastructure, which in turn means an automatic decoupling from physical location.

We provide an integrated and automated fashion of virtualisation for computing, networking and storage environments, which helps you to enable application mobility. Our Virtualisation implementation services focus on decreasing your capital costs through an improvement in utilisation and reducing the number of managed objects through resource sharing.

MetroWired follows an integrated and structured process in providing its Virtualisation services that includes: Planning, Implementation, and ongoing support.

As the digital information your business creates and consumes increase exponentially year on year, we will ensure that you are updated with the cycle of constant technology upgrades and growing storage expenditure. Our storage and data management services help you optimise and simplify your storage and data environment in the following areas:

  • Data management
  • Storage management
  • Business continuity

Because your data is unique, each solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

MetroWired End User Computing Technology Solutions and Services support a wide range of needs, whether it is to manage your current estate of devices and user services or to help you transform and leapfrog to the next generation of the workplace.

We can design, build, and manage an efficient, collaborative workplace for your End Users of technology. MetroWired has a comprehensive range of Workplace and Collaboration services that will help accelerate the transformation of your end user landscape.

We have partnered with Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Dell and other industry leaders to ensure unwavering strength in our solutions and services, strategy, architecture, and deployment of end user devices.

  • Application management
  • Extensive device policy frameworks
  • Identity management
  • Expense management
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Procurement

We offer open standards-based service-oriented architectures powered by known players. Based on your business needs, we recommend the most appropriate architectural approach that is easy to manage from a single administrative view and simplify the communication experience for your end users, relevant to the business imperatives. One of MetroWired’s core strength areas includes blending and offering a Cloud Based Solutions IP Telephony architecture that functionally enhances the user experience across different management levels in an enterprise. Amongst the leading Unified Communication solutions providers.

Unified Communications (UC) Platform Collaboration

MetroWired enables employees with the tools they need to set up a collaborative environment and in offering training so they can benefit from these capabilities. In the collaboration space, MetroWired offers video conferencing solutions from industry leading technologies – AVAYA, Polycom, Cisco. Our advanced Videoconferencing solutions help you efficiently overcome geographical boundaries, enable communication between disparate business units, enhance productivity, and deliver a competitive advantage.

We create a collaborative environment that removes geographical boundaries, enables communication, enhances productivity and delivers collaboration as a competitive advantage. With the objective of ‘Accelerating Business’ for the end client, MetroWired looks at corporate collaboration with a futuristic perspective. At MetroWired Video is a logical extension of Voice where Video is the new Voice of tomorrow. With an extensive experience in IP Telephony and Converged communications at the core, MetroWired enables delivery of collaboration solutions by managing the overall experience from an integration viewpoint.


Technical Expertise

MetroWired’s success is underpinned by our capable team of experts, elite partner certifications and established industry relationships.

A skilled workforce is regularly certified to apply the finest technological advancements available as they are released.

Unbeatable talent, coupled with superior technology is how we equip corporate South Africa to succeed everyday.

CX Support

Every solution we create is unique because every business is unique. MetroWired enables you to see your business more transparently, with better insights and a clear way forward.

All our solutions are sustainable to support future business developments, and integrate with existing technology to complement your current system design.

Through our competent team, experienced in designing customised end-to-end technology solutions for entities across South Africa, we will drive success with you.

Project Management

We invest in development with no reservation to maintain our leading edge and ensure the progression of our people as the industry evolves.

At MetroWired, we believe that our people are the drivers of our customers’ success, and the majority of our talent is grown in-house.

These are some current success stories from our young, ambitious personnel who provide professional customer experience on an ongoing basis.