MetroWired is an unconventional force, redefining industry standards with its modified, intelligent responses to unique business complications.
Our technology continues to challenge mainstream trends with its future-ready ability to adapt and endure.
An ICT enabler to cities and businesses in and around South Africa, MetroWired is trusted to deliver cognitive digital solutions in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.
Our industry expertise honed over time across a diverse range of verticals and sectors is the baseline of the extraordinary solutions we create. We evolve as technology evolves, this is the belief system that drives us to deliver solutions that are sustainable, innovative, fit-for-purpose, forward-thinking and relevant.
MetroWired’s initial success in South Africa was developing the first municipal infrastructure network in the country, when we enabled The City of Johannesburg to become a digital city. Since then, armed with a vision to transform the economy using the world-renowned technology we choose, we have successfully applied our expertise to front end applications, effectively transforming the communications and operations models in businesses across the continent.

MetroWired is an agnostic solutions partner, enabling us to blend solutions, independent of OEM’s. This is how we deliver cost-effective results that are fit-for-purpose, without compromise.

Our experience in transforming businesses across a range of verticals and sectors, continuously evolving workforce expertise in the ICT sector and elite global partnerships combine to make MetroWired the most proficient choice to aid businesses in reaching their strategic objectives.

The MetroWired way is ingrained in the fabric of every solution we create. It is how we ensure that we are always forward-thinking, innovative and relevant to customers needs.